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Adriana Takara's death deserves the truth.

Did the NSW Chief Health Officer lie to the media to hide the terrible truth about Adriana's shocking death?

On the 26th July 2021 a 38-year old woman called Adriana Takara died. Her death should not have happened.

No person under 40 without comorbidities had died in Australia from COVID-19. All of a sudden, a 38 year old healthy woman dies “of COVID-19” at the same time - coincidentally - that the vaccination campaign in NSW, Australia’s most populous state - had stalled.

This is the national broadcaster “approved news” headline from the ABC:

Some would consider the tragic death fortuitous because it was sold to the public as a death from COVID and the vaccination campaign took off. Because obviously, the vaccine protected you from the tragic COVID deaths that Australia didn’t see (relatively) in 2020-2021. Here is the vaccination take-up with the date of Adriana’s death highlighted. It was a very successful campaign and resulted eventually in Australia becoming one of the most vaccinated countries on earth (and one of the countries with the highest COVID rates and COVID death rates on earth, but that’s coincidental, obviously)

But there was a twist to the Adriana Takara story, of which information has now come to my attention from whistleblowers within NSW health. You see, it is known that Adriana died following a cardiac arrest after developing myocarditis and in a terrible condition from disseminated thrombosis (multiple blood clots). This is a problem for the official story because we know now that - although it is possible - severe COVID in the prevaccination era almost never affected healthy young people. And we have just seen a study out of the Clalit group in Israel showing us that myocarditis was not a feature of COVID-19. So the story doesn’t add up.

Now we need to turn to another version of the story from one of the best journalists of the COVID era Rebecca Weisser (you should subscribe to the Spectator if you haven’t already) here

You see, this is what actually happened:

(For the record, this is sourced from legal and medical insiders none of which I can declare here - so if you need proof I would strongly encourage you to ask NSW health through a FOI request (GIPA request))

Adriana caught COVID-19 from her double-vaccinated nurse housemate. Instead of just sitting it out and being safe (because nobody under 40 had died of COVID) she sought out a vaccine from anyone who would give it to her.

Her friends relayed that she was successful and managed to get a dose of Pfizer vaccine. So she did what nobody should do, which is to get vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine during an active exposure to COVID from her fully-vaccinated housemate. At some point during 2021 NSW health updated their information sheet to tell people not to do this, but it was too late for Adriana. It was because of the information from her social circle that Kerry Chant was asked the question in the video clip, and she told the reporter that she “did not know” whether Adriana was vaccinated. Adriana had been treated for 10 days before her death so the probability that they did not know whether she had a dose of vaccine is zero. They also knew that the source of Adriana’s infection was her housemate who was fully vaccinated so they knew at that time (as we now know) that the vaccines were not stopping transmission.

What killed Adriana? A combination of myocarditis and disseminated thrombosis. Her bodily systems had such an insult that they completely broke down. What happened next compounded the tragedy. The diagnosis of myocarditis was kept quiet and was portrayed in the media as a “heart attack”1. Really? A heart attack in a healthy 38 year old with “COVID”?

On the day before her death her family was desperately trying to get treatment for her but the hospital refused it - not that it would have made any difference at that point. Then, she died. She was never allowed to have any treatment other than that which was authorised by the same government policies that resulted in a wave of deaths the following year, and this was despite involvement of external doctors and lawyers. An autopsy was requested including the retention of organs (necessary for any tests that could show that the cause of death resulted from vaccination rather than COVID infection). Then NSW health moved in and offered their own lawyers to the next-of-kin, who was Adriana’s brother. The consequence of this is that the request for an autopsy was quashed - and no autopsy was ever conducted.

Subsequent to this Adriana’s brother gave an interview and it is worth watching now that you know the story. The problem is that he doesn’t mention the change of lawyers, or the myocarditis, or the quest for a vaccine. It’s a horrible interview because we actually know what happened and the claimed ignorance of the vaccine status is bizarre. He is certainly welcome to clarify this - the comments on these pages are open. The body language is telling as is the framing used in the clip, which we are now all so familiar with.

I’ve posted a screenshot above and the video below2, because I believe the video will also be scrubbed.

You’ll notice that the comments were turned off despite 15,091 views and a quarter of people hitting the dislike button

The reason I think this video will be scrubbed is because the original embedded video has been scrubbed from the 9news website that reported it (archived today here). Remember this was in July 2021, four months before any boosters were given in Australia. Yet, the interview above - which was originally embedded in that web page - has been replaced by a video on the “booster bus” and booster campaign (64% booster dose was reached around April 2022, 9 months after Adriana’s death).

Screenshot of the 9news webpage at 6th August 2022 (mobile version).. the image is a still of the embedded video at the top of the page

In the videos and news reports claims are repeatedly made that Adriana Takara was “too young to get the vaccine”, but this is not quite true. You see, at the time, there was an exception to the 40-year age limit which had originally been put in place, for those who “lived with healthcare workers”. Because her housemate was a nurse she was able to get a vaccine at one of the vaccine hubs - in fact the vaccine hubs were pretty much not turning anyone away - this from the Guardian last year.

And this comment on the Daily Mail article

So now (going back to July 2021) we have a situation where a young woman has died, likely as a result of dangerous advice from the media and the NSW health minister (who is not a doctor) telling everybody to get vaccinated irrespective of whether they are actually developing acute COVID at the time. This is what can happen when an administrator with no medical qualifications is given unlimited powers over the bodily autonomy of 10 million people - completely inappropriate prescribing and unnecessary death. By the way I would warn you not to watch the rap video, the cringe level is off the scale and you won’t be able to unsee it…

Putting all the above together it is highly likely (aka certain) that Adriana, terrified that she was going to die of COVID after her vaccinated housemate caught it, took the fatal decision to find someone who would administer a vaccine to her at any cost. She then developed COVID whilst her system was hit with a thrombogenic and immunosuppressive therapy. This was enough to induce thrombosis and myocarditis and likely result in a heart attack or cardiac arrest from which there was no possibility of recovery. Instead of declaring any of this and letting the people know what happened, and not to try and chase a COVID vaccine if you are at risk of contracting COVID, the health tsars went into propaganda overdrive and used Adriana’s death to promote more vaccination in under 40s.

According to the latest freedom of information report from the TGA in Australia, 33 people under 40 are reported (by mostly medical professionals filling out DAEN reports) to have died following a COVID vaccination for a disease that they were never at risk from. Many of these people would have received their vaccine solely because of the way Adriana’s death was portrayed by the media and government.

Foi 3845 Covid 19 Vaccine Deaths
103KB ∙ PDF file

So, we have a few questions:

(i) Did Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant lie when she said she did not know whether Adriana had received a dose of vaccine?

(ii) Did Chant and the Health minister Hazzard lie by using Adriana Takara’s death to promote vaccination in all age groups, knowing that she had died as a result of a vaccination that she shouldn’t have had?

(iii) Did NSW health change their isolation guidelines - advising people not to get vaccinated if they were in isolation from a COVID contact - as a result of Adriana’s death?

(iv) Did NSW health unduly influence Adriana Takara’s brother to change his legal team in order to avoid an autopsy?

(v) Did the TGA review Adriana Takara’s death - if not why not?

(vi) Why did 9News scrub the interview from their news report?

Yes, I know these people are not going to answer these questions on an anonymous blog. But this anonymous blog has a lot of helpers. Whistleblowers in NSW health and the legal community. Little helper mice who want to gnaw their way to the truth.

I can promise you this. We will not rest until these questions are answered. They will be answered, either by freedom of information request or by subpoena. Oh, and a word of advice to those who might want to cover their tracks - nothing is ever deleted, especially emails.

Tick tock….

NSW health minister defends experts who handled Ruby Princess ...
Left, NSW health minister Brad Hazzard. Right, NSW chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant (source: The Guardian)

The information provided in this document is derived from multiple sources including NSW health insiders, the NSW legal community and the public. These sources will not be revealed. Readers should consider this article on its face value and those motivated enough to challenge it should make representation to NSW health via a GIPA (freedom of information) request. Should any information in this article be proven to be incorrect updates will be posted here (this is unlikely). The information in this document should be considered a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act in Australia and encompasses any individual that has supplied the relevant information.





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