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Public Health Scotland demolished by 10 seconds of silence - from a Campbell


This will be brief because the video speaks for itself. John Campbell has been plodding along during the COVID debacle trying his best to translate quasi-scientific information to the masses. More often than not he has swallowed the pharma narrative but there has been a change in his demeanour recently as he is realising that the narrative is crumbling - and the data supporting any claim of vaccine “safety and efficacy” with it.

For those of you who know Scottish heritage, the Campbells go back a long way in Scottish history, elucidated in a concise article here. The bottom line from the history of the Scottish clans is, really - don’t piss them off.

Small island in Loch Awe with excellent castle ruins - formerly a stronghold of the Campbells
Remains of Innis Chonnell Castle, original seat of the Campbell chiefs, on Loch Awe. Photo by Brian D Osborne

Well, John Campbell is pissed off. He has supported the government narrative for the most part and in this video he is talking about the concerns a number of us raised last year about the safety signal in the Scottish neonatal data where a number of babies died around the time of the vaccine rollout.

And now he wants answers and has realised what most of us realised two years ago - that the government doesn’t want to give them.

The whole segment is posted below while John’s account on Youtube lasts, but at least we should have the clip archived in this article as long as substack stays the course.

I think that’s all I need to say. Dr Campbell saved me a job.

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