"I saw an interview on pbs with a reporter questioning the elder leader of a huge Amish Community in Ohio. The reporter asked " It's been 2 years and your community has not a had a single case of covid, Why is this? The elder gave 3 reasons. None of us are vaccinated, we don't have tv or internet and we only eat our locally grown organic food.

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If it's the same story popularly referenced, the community had let Covid rip early on while protecting the elderly. They were done with covid early on, leveraging natural immunity of the younger to protect the elderly.

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I don't live in an Amish community but I live in a small community of 200 or so people. Only 1/4 of our people got the shots and only two of us ever caught Covid.

We're about 30 miles from the city in the middle of miles of public land, but we have to go to the city for groceries, some of us work in the city, etc. There's a cafe in our community where hikers and mountain bikers from Vegas come.

Covid doesn't have to rip through your community for your community to develop natural herd immunity.

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He might also have added SARS-CoV-2 doesn't exist. It's a mind virus that causes people to behave irrationally and harm themselves.

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What's your take on this?

Blood transfusion risks are hot topic today with Kirsch interview in NZ:...

Listen to what Dr. McCullough actually said recently. It's clear he thinks both mRNA and the ability to reproduce spike protein INDEFINITELY Is transmissible via exosome shedding ect to unvaxxed persons. (He recommends min on no sex for 90 days but admits this may be way too short). All of this seems transmissible by transfusion, so when he told Steve it's "safe" he really just means we're trusting the blood bank to spin out the platelets 100% perfectly so other components don't get injected too? I'll pass. Listen!!


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Wasn't ethical skeptic implying that it was spreading because of sewage being sprayed on crops as fertilizer a year or so back?

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Sewage is toxic. Manure is not.

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These death numbers are the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) numbers and are an underestimate. The ABS says in the fine print that they only include deaths where a doctor has issued a death certificate and Coroner's Court cases - in Australia this is about 70% of all deaths.

A better estimate may be made by taking the death data from the state of Queensland where all deaths must be registered within 14 days of decease and these are reported monthly.

Taking the same time period (Oct 2021 to May 2022) in Queensland it was reported that:

Number of deaths registered - 23528

Expected number (based on 2010-2019 data) - 19258

Excess deaths - 4270 (22% of expected)

This can be scaled by a factor of 5 to give an estimate for Australia (Qld is exactly 20% of Australia's population)

Est. number of deaths - 117600

Est. expected - 96300

Excess - 21350 (22%)

The Queensland data to the end of July has shown a steady increase in the number of deaths. Year to date to July 2022 the %excess deaths is 28%.

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I was asked to provide some links:

The monthly death data for Queensland is updated monthly and is a count of how the dead were disposed of. The official monthly count is only updated yearly. All deaths must be registered in Queensland within 14 days of decease. There probably are some deaths which should be in the previous month's data but the match between the monthly totals of registrations and disposals is pretty good.


Accurate Federal data lags a long way behind and the ABS data counts only about 70% of deaths.

Also if anyone's interested in Covid stats and vaccinations in Australia there is a great aggregator site for these:


The state based numbers are all over the place and I suspect are processed by minimum wage high school students.

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FYI, I have added these data to my chart here. Something is going on, for sure bit.ly/3Rh388Q

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The updated numbers for Queensland have just been posted:


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This is great, Charlie. Thanks a lot

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It takes longer for the coroner deaths to be finalised. They will eventually turn up in the final data. It would be interesting to revisit then.

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I think the death reports coming in from the Coroner's Courts represent a small but fairly constant stream. Unless you interested in specific events then it doesn't much matter whether the report of a death is delayed so long as the overall stream of reports is more or less constant.

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Charlie, can you please provide a link to these data. I can’t find anything later than 2020

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Provisional or not does not resolve the issue that the ABS under counts the deaths in Australia. In their fine print on their website they admit that they only counts deaths where a doctor has issued a death certificate and resolved Coroner's Court cases. The other major stream which they miss is where an undertaker processes a death including its registration; this seems to be about 30% of all deaths in Queensland and probably without too much of a stretch in Australia.

There are death numbers published by https://www.aihw.gov.au/ but although these are very good estimates they lag by a couple of years - latest year produced was 2020.

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If you look here, you can see a flow chart showing that funeral directors are not omitted.


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When I compared the total deaths the ABS was reporting in their provisional reports versus the Queensland data (20% of Australia's population) there was a discrepancy of 20-30% in total deaths after rescaling weeks to months and population size. The ABS are probably aware of the stream of deaths handled by funeral directors but it may be that Queensland is the only state with a requirement for prompt registration (within 14 days of decease). Victoria has compulsory registration but I haven't found what their time limits are. WA only reports deaths once a year and if they have a registration regime it isn't publicised. NT, SA, TAS & NSW are unknown - no public information on their processes. The aihw.gov.au data is probably very good but useless (latest report is for 2020) for the purposes of tracking Covid/Vaxxes and deaths.

The ABS reports generally show a peak some months before the upper limit of the reporting period. This is inconsistent with the form of the data in Queensland and I wonder if it is not an effect of slow and delayed reporting from some states.

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

While we are all getting angry about this, they are brewing the next thing to distract us.

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Amazing post and worth promoting!!! (I am not glad about the news presented, I am saying that it is important to make it public)

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

NZ going at 28% this year, 39% for a 3 month span for 85+ y/o. OD ~37/yr, Suicide 600/yr, C was around 1,300 when there were 4000 excess, worst spike in previous yrs was 10%, so conservatively still 17-20% excess, doubling the worst previous yrs


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Not deny your figures, but if interested, see latest Eugyppius post. In Germany, most of the excess deaths are in younger ages. The very old seem unaffected, despite presumably having very high "vaccine" uptake. Hypothesis: the very old have poorer immune systems, which "protects" them from autoimmune issues presumably caused by the jab. In contrast, younger, healthier are getting sick/dying from autoimmune issues. Also, the claim that it is NOT covid-19 (the virus) causing the excess deaths as one would expect the old to be culled, and they are in fact not part of the surge.

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I did find it interesting that Florida excess deaths is slightly better than California, while FL deaths are mainly in the old, and Cali was in the young

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Some of us older people are suspicious and stubborn so we refused the shots.

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Interesting take but it would not explain the almost complete elimination of geriatrics in New York and other places where they were all herded together by the noble governor of that city, expert in all things. Being an old man, I prefer to keep out of swamps to ensure my shoes remain clean.

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Australian media - chirp chirp chirp. 10% aint good enough. That's a poor bioweapon. I imagine the real kicker will be sterility. We are sure to see that excess death number climb up though... Slowly so as to be barely imperceptible. There will be an uptick in cancers, autoimmune disease, heart attacks, blood clots and neuro-degenerative disorders. If this was planned they're a bloody evil genius!

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This has been my feeling for the past 2 years. Designing a pathogen precisely and then being successful in promoting an antidote that you can sell for billions is a wet dream of big Pharma. What could possibly go wrong? The theory was quite good but the situation somewhat more complex since biological organisms are a little more unpredictable than these bods give them credit for. All of the results must be quite fascinating for Pharma, but a lesson in humility.

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

 Sen. Ron Johnson: Plandemic Politics & America’s Covid Cartel.

Schizer Vice President admits live that there is no established relationship between vaccine induced antibodies (proven non-neutralizing!) and infection, disease, transmission or death prevention/ reduction.

Safe & Effective (Immunization) = Scientific Fraud of the Century!!!.


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Antibodies was just an easy metric they promoted, with no evidence to show that these antibodies were responsible for decreased disease, especially in the long run. Antibodies are but a small part of the immunity story.

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Australian Lawyer here. I'm also an ex-researcher - can send my google scholar link anytime to Arkmedic as well as all my other degrees!

Long time lurker.

I do not have time for going down this rabbit hole

But here is a lead for someone to pick it up and go down this rabbit hole.

VETS and their "unexpected surge" in their claims.


Section 5.5 - an unexpected surge in claims

Note the anomaly of 2018-19 - before you get too excited. Reasons explained.

However, as an Australian, you should all be aware what our VETS are going through.

This is where it gets interesting

RMA Annual Report


[pg 6]


Cerebrovascular Accident

Ischaemic Heart Disease

This report should give you an overall picture of what the RMA does wrt Statement of Principles. In short they are an evidence-based agency. If you do not have a disease that is supported by literature, you're toast.

Lets investigate the 3 diseases in connection with COVID 19

Guillain-Barré syndrome


Find GBS

Click on the

[past versions of SOPs]

BoP pdf

Find the "Amendment"

Specified list of vaccines [note only adenovirus + AZ]

Why? Probably 90% of Vets only took mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna)

Reference List (same page) - down the page

[search for


2022] as separate searches so you can find the studies quickly.

Why are they not including mRNA? When clearly the literature supports it.

Repeat the above research for


Ischaemic Heart Disease

[spoiler alert] -

Its not the vaccine, but funnily enough something else....


Refrences: There are two studies but have TBA listed next to them. Why?

Ischaemic Heart Disease

[spoiler alert] - Autoimmune disease worsening at time of IHD.

(Have a look at the list] - giant cell arteritis and others, in particular psoriasis

Reference list

Search for 2020, 2021 (separately)

I hope someone picks this up. I just don't have the time.

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I am also Australian, living in state of Victoria and suddenly exposed to the harsh realities of excess deaths here due to the death of a loved one who died of causes entirely unrelated to Covid or its vaccines. The reality is that it is extremely difficult to book a funeral at the moment - the Coroners court and undertakers running at capacity. As Dylan once put it "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows".

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

This is the excess deaths upto march lined up with the vaccine rollout https://imgur.com/a/xgVi3MV

You also need to remember various hard lockdowns were happening all over aus in 2021 , 0 flu deaths , roughly 2000 less pneumonia deaths. Even the peaks and troughs in the winter period correlate to the vaccination rollout.

in 2020 we had roughly 8000 LESS deaths than average , 2021 8000 more deaths than 2020 , 5 months in to 2022 and we have 10k more , im guessing we are at about 18k currently up to august.

most vulnerable are euthanized first , 4th dose started slowly 5th april 2022 , opened up for younger tards mid july and they rushed to get it. Geronticide , medical malpractice, outright murder

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Based on Queensland death data my estimate for excess deaths in Australia is about 25,000 to the end of July.

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Thank you for that very clear presentation. Thank you also for your work, it is greatly appreciated. So good to have an Australian voice in all that.

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The Great Reset is not "coming soon." It is happening right now.It’s a big club, homies. And you ain’t in it. They told you what they intended to do. They are doing it.The Global Oligarchs are running this joint, Planet Kovid. Planet Kovid was just phase one of Planet Klaus. Planet Reset. https://sagehana.substack.com/p/detonate-the-stack-saturday-welcome

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I will eventually come back and haunt them.

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Lol good for you! 👻

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Mitochondrial mutagenesis is the alteration or damage to mitochondrial DNA. It has a wide range of negative effects on health depending on a number of factors. Where it occurs in the body, how potent its toxicity and its concentration, and how long it exists in the body or environment.

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

if we extrapolate this and add some more booster rounds, and extrapolate for these too, do we get 50% of population in 2030?

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Don't forget fertility rates dropping dramatically.

It is a full-spectrum plan: prevent many births and reduce those already living.

Wait until the cancers really spike. This weapon has immediate, medium term and long term effects. We probably haven't seen a full cycle including deaths from the latter. And the amplitude will keep dialing up with each cycle of boosters.

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Wait until mass neurodegeneration hits: 80% of the population given molecules directly targeting brain.

Those steering the boat find high population annoying now? -- add incontinence, dopamine-depletion apathy, dementia....

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Below are the countries that were negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership under Obama in 2015.

If the officials from those countries say that they were not aware that there was a depopulation plan afoot in 2020, they're lying to you.

This 1 minute video by the Prime Minister of Malaysia tells you clearly what was discussed during those meetings:

 "The Elites are Planning to Kill Billions of People" -- Prime Minister of Malaysia (2015)









New Zealand





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And that's not a coincidence. See what the Black Nobility has been saying since 2010.

 Boris Johnson's Father Wants to Reduce Britain’s Population to Around "10 or 15 million" by 2025. (2012)


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And that's not an empty talk either.

See the Covid-19 blueprint since 2010 below:

 Covid-19 Plandemic Blueprint – RKM Lockstep 2010 Report.


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Hmmm. Those bastards.

They have us pretty surrounded if that script (which I somewhat believe) is to be followed. Any significant push back from the population and they will spring something super deadly on us to get us back in line. And because there are still so many with their heads in the sand and denial. It'll be brutal if this happens, the civil conflict that ensues will be ugly.

This is why quick widespread counter narrative information needs be put out. But most attempts to do so are not working or reaching a wide enough audience. However I am starting to think this is what they want because they know once it reaches say 30% they can just release another bioweapon.

Its like we need to disappear/not be there, somehow. But how can we disappear when they are essentially everywhere? Uninhabited islands? Deep into the jungles? An ark of sorts... like a giant yacht?

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Kill Gates has been announcing that the next plandemic will be smallpox - that was before the MoneyPox was released.

What amazes me is how the population behaves like sheep. The mental laziness is such that when the government asks them to commit suicide they do it. That's like walking cows to the slaughterhouse.

I've been posting warnings all over the internet since 2020 asking people to refuse the quackcines even if they were truly safe. The reason was simple, Kill Gates had used quackcines to sterilized millions of Africans and maiming 100s of 1000s of poor Indian girls (court cases in India). And the above blueprint for me was a proof that they were trying to depopulate the planet.

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I have been suspicious for quite some time too, especially of the vaccines. I remember quite a few years ago hearing about a kill plan involving them. I really don't remember where or how. Just that it had been in the back of my mind. I think I watched something, but it honestly could have been a dream. I don't really remember.

But tbh I bought into the early narrative. I thought, hmmm not sure this will work but I guess it is worth a try. This was regarding the lockdowns and social distancing. I have seen quarantine work before to some limited extent managing outbreaks of gastro bugs in an army camp. But not for a respiratory virus.

After that though it went way off script from any semblance of a pandemic or biologic response plan I had seen before. Then when the social tunnel vision on the vaccine came to fruition, I got damn frightened.

But anyway, this isn't about how we got here. I want to make a plan to get us out. Smallpox is a significant concern. Again it seems we have to just get away from populated areas. Can't spread and get you if no one around you is infected in the first place.

But how can we get away, yet build a small village and then keep the village free of infection? And how do we keep it healthy, warm and protected, watered, fed in a nutritious manner and secure? And how do we keep it in that state, whilst all shit hits the fan?

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This video is a must see. It summarizes what has happened since 2020.



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 1 in every 73 COVID-19 Vaccinated People were Dead by May 2022 in England according to UK Government


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This isn't the first time I've seen that claim. It's bullshit.

Folks, don't believe everything you read. The Expose is not a reputable source. Here, let's do some quick math. The UK is about 75% "fully vaccinated" according to Google. Since we're speaking of past tense by the claim, if "1 in every 73" were dead:

UK population ~= 67 million; * 0.75 ~= 50 million.

50 million * (1/73) ~= 688,360. Thus, Expose is claiming that many died and those in no more than about 1 1/2 years (since jabs began.) OK, let's annualize the number: 688,360 / 1.5 ~= 459,000 deaths PER YEAR, allegedly due to the jabs.

Wait, we need to know UK deaths all cause: About 9.1/1000 yearly. Thus, in a normal year they'd have ~ 610,000 deaths.

Thus, Expose is claiming that 75% of UK deaths are jab-related? That rather strains credibility, does it not? It's reasonable to expect the jabs ARE causing deaths, but since the excess deaths hasn't nearly doubled, the claim is basically that other causes of death are being "taken over" by jab side effects.

There is misinformation out there. Expose is at best sensationalist press, at worst a deliberate disinformation campaign by the usual suspects. And it's not only crackpot sites. For example, the recent claims that Alberta's leading cause of death is "unknown" seems to come from "official" media, but if you look at their claimed causes of death, it is so far different from normal causes of death that one can only conclude deliberate lying, or that something exceptionally weird is transpiring in Alberta.

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Aug 28, 2022·edited Aug 29, 2022

And for those who still believe that an accident occurred in 2020, millions of Covid-19 PCR-test kits were sold in the world in 2017 and 2018.

Didn't the WHO and other countries say in 2020 that there was a novel coronavirus that they decided to call Covid-19????


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That report was used in conjunction with Event 201, a pandemic table top exercise, shortly after which the covid "pandemic" began. They did the same - a table top exercise - shortly before they announced the monkeypox outbreak, which to date is following the script of that exercise. https://rokfin.com/post/87527/Monkeypox-War-Games

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This is pretty much what is in store for us. Unelected and hugely unknown, their only mandate is having eye watering amounts of wealth. What has been promised to their happy band of useful idiots, the politicians who all appear to be in lockstep with this agenda? Are they really so stupid to believe that assurances given to them will be honoured? Well yes, amazingly that appears to be the answer.

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Aug 28, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

In Japan and in the West, so-called "public health" physicians are

dedicated to grading infectious diseases, restricting outings, contact tracing, monitoring,

and testing , isolation, laws, medicine distribution, medical distribution,

administrative measures, etc.

Their focus is on how to move politicians and how to influence them,

and it can be inferred that it is naturally their job to move politicians

by being closer to political power.

They have learned mainly about saying that at university.

Herefore, "public health" physicians seem incapable of understanding

Molecular Biology, Immunology(including Viology), and Genetic Engineering.

Therefore, "public health" physicians are unable to understand the risks and benefits of

mRNA vaccines.

Even politicians are amateurs.

Moreover, the politicians think that they should be fine with "public health" physicians.

Personally, I think it's best to rely on the editorials of scholars who are well versed

in the above three fields.

Of course, even though above three fields are still under development

and it is not possible to say anything definitive,

but if you look around the world, there are competent scholars

who understand MB,I+V,GE fields and make what they think is the best commentary at the moment.

◎DR. Geert Vanden Bossche:Belgian:


:He is said to be pessimistic, but his reasoning seems to be correct.:


:Is he sect as late Luc Montagnier? Luc said conclusion only

that many vaxxed will die in several years.

Looking at the current situation, you can't even say it's a complete lie.:

◎Dr.Jessica Rose: Canadian doctor: https://jessicar.substack.com/

◎Dr. Pierre Kory: Ivermectin+Treatment: https://covid19criticalcare.com/

◎Dr.StieveKirsch: Mathematical Statistician: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/

:He is revealing fake vaccines by Statistics day by day.:

◎A Midwestern Doctor:Canada:


◎Dr.Arne Burkhardt: Anatomical pathologist

:Describes unusual physical properties of a thrombus after vaxxed.:

There are many other scholars who say the truth if you look into it.

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Very appropriate. I have noticed information coming from statisticians and insurance brokers making more sense than the medical fraternity.

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“The government is not some abstract entity, it is people - and those people are subject to the same laws that the rest of us are, even if they think are are not.”

Great point.

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