Lesson here is submit to any medical trx and you may be given the big Harma hacksxxxine and it might kill you.

Avoid doc tors and hospitals.

Be afraid of health care

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That poor woman, and her children growing up with without their mum. Thank you for your continued search for the truth.

You are greatly missed on Twitter.

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My coworker, a Filipino bad ass in his 60’s. All day long, a cigarette in his mouth, and a coffee in his hand, working on the lathe. Work was doing temperature checks, and he popped for a fever, so they took him to the hospital. The doctors tried to intubate him (I think they were going to put him in a coma) but he fought them. He physically fought them off, every time they tried to get near him with that crap. He kept arguing that he did NOT have COVID.

This went on for some time (days), and they left him alone in a bed at the hospital and refused to treat him, until finally a doctor took mercy on him and checked him for other ailments. It was stage 3 lung cancer. They were going to stick him on a vent, no questions asked.

Last I heard he’s back in the Philippines and doing good.

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Great work! Thank you. I’d like to add something about the oxygen saturation machine.

at the beginning of the pandemic, TONS of people on social media were telling everyone to get a pulse oximeter. I remember this distinctly. This was back when they were telling people NOT to wear masks, and they were debating if ibuprofen killed COVID positive patients. That was the initial claims, you’d catch COVID, and then you wouldn’t be able to breathe. Back when the consensus was “two weeks to flatten the curve” and people believed it. They grabbed pulse oximeters to stay out of the hospitals unless absolutely necessary…. To give the tik tok dancing nurses time to twerk more. (Lord, it’s all so stupid now in hindsight) So tons of people grabbed pulse oximeters. I already had one, but considered getting a backup… they’re under $30. Problem is, they’re not very good. You’re better off using them when you’re healthy to establish a baseline, then checking for deviation once you get sick.

But it’s completely plausible they had one.

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That's really sad and you raise some good points I didn't notice ie no author stated on articles. I agree with your thesis that her death was used to promote pregnant women to get vaccines. Fortunately for some reason I didn't trust the official guidance and took the risk of ordering all highlighted medicines from India for my family. We caught covid in March, treated it early and all recovered without any lasting effects. I am stunned at how all this has played out with so many people dying and suffering needlessly just because of money at the end of the day. Ps can you pls unblock comments for me on the tgram group rikirikiroo

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Very well written and some tribute to her life.. the lies and manipulation of covid policy live on in many other fields where people throw away commonsense and embrace stupidity..

Climate Change and now the Feds inflation absurdity.. they lower interest rates for years, trap the masses in debt, governments included, then spend to create inflation themselves.. rather admit it they deny it and release the debt trap by raising interest rates.. it’s the same lies same motives to make money of the ignorant masses..

But for those who know Romans 1 it’s very clear what’s happening but it’s getting worse... while it’s essential to keep them accountable it’s important that we all are accountable to God.. for living life without a care for Him..

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The people who conspired to truncate the treatment protocol to deliberately remove all effective and readily available treatments from use, have all subsequent deaths on their hands. Failure to treat is medical malpractice. The Chinese broadcast that they discovered the effectiveness of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine during the original SARS outbreak years earlier. Ivermectin effectiveness was seen very early because of daily use in tropical and subtropical areas where malaria is endemic. These simple cheap treatments were withheld to await the deadly well advertised vaccines, that all the people with control of the protocol seem to be heavily invested in.

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Thank you for another eye opening jolt. I suspect she received the shot, followed by other forms of torture to insure death.

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Excellent article Arkmedic.

I did some googling after you posted info on this to your telegram channel. I was surprised to find out she died about 2 weeks after childbirth, when headlines were emphasizing she died "shortly after" giving birth.

The "didn't even hold her baby" seems very strange. This would surely be against hospital policy. I know for natural births the baby is immediately placed in skin to skin contact with mum. This might just be extra emotional anguish for women (and partners) reading the newspapers.

It's very strange that there's no photos or videos of her making emotional pleas for others to get vaccinated to avoid her predicament. Such a plea would surely be compelling, and persuasive to others. I think it's entirely plausible Samantha was vaccinated during her stay in hospital.

Lots of smoke around this - again, great detective work!

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Basically, politicians will do anything, whether good or bad, as long as they tell lies to maintain their position.

In the United States there is a choice between red and blue, Republicans and Democrats,

However, from the perspective of a foreign country, even if the government changes, there may not be much change.

Because the root cause of the vaccine scandal is the greed of Pfizer, Moderna and BillGates, Schwabb, et al.

If we don't eliminate the root cause, I think something can happen again in the future.

① Their USPHS (FDA, CDC, NIH, OASH, ASPR, OGA ~~~) funds

relying on major pharmaceuticals, PHS (~~~) is a pawn of major pharmaceuticals,

or is clearly under the influence. What about australia?

Since BillGates is providing subsidies to major media, media cannot criticize.

Moreover, even if the reporters of media are professionals who pick up news of incidents and accidents, few people are familiar with the effects of pseudo-mRNA vaccines and immunity.

Speaking of Japan, it is certain that there are few media people who can understand it, judging from their educational background.

The FDA asked the court to limit data disclosure of pseudo-mRNA vaccines to 75 years,

Wasn't the FDA unequivocally certified to be Pfizer's minions?

75 years from now, no one will be vaccinated, and the side effects will be in the labyrinth.

As a result, it was good that the disclosure was shortened due to the good judgment of the judge.

(2) There is a problem with the idea and system of entrusting specialization to specialists.

If the impact does not affect the general public in a very narrow field, that may be fine.

However, medicine, food, pesticides, chemicals, and other things that affect all citizens,

it is not good to leave permits only to experts.

Introduce a jury system of citizens as in legal trials,

Authorization should only be granted if all jury questions have been resolved.

Even in the legal field, judges are legal experts, but jurors are ordinary citizens.

Citizens should also participate in permits and licenses for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, foods, and chemicals.

(3) Funds for PHS (~~~) should be limited to the national budget.

They will resist, but it will be a little more fair and neutral than it is now.

In the first place, the 1992 law change in the United States was wrong.

If we notice a mistake, it's common sense to fix it as soon as possible.

(4) The problem is that the public health authorities of each country are completely dependent on the US CDC, FDA, etc. for labor saving.

Politicians around the world do not understand that the CDC and FDA are pawns of big pharmaceutical companies.

Or the politician knows it but closes his eyes.

In Japan, in Europe and the United States, so-called "public health" physicians and scientists are dedicated to classifying the degree of infectious diseases, restricting outings,

focuses on contact tracing, monitoring, testing, isolation, law, drug distribution, medical distribution, administrative measures, etc.

At least it seems that the mechanism of action of this pseudo-mRNA vaccine onto immune system has not been reached.

Minimal molecular biology, unfinished immunology, unfinished virology, developing genetic engineering, etc. are needed for public health Doctors.

I don't think they can understand the effects and side effects of pseudo-mRNA vaccines without learning about them.

It seems to me that they are not well versed in genetic engineering for their age.

I think the average family doctor is more or less the same.

Because smallpox, a stable DNA virus, has been used as a model for the study and education of vaccines.

RNAVirus, which is said to mutate in one or two weeks,

Although we must completely change our way of thinking, public health scientists have little awareness of this.

Judging from the past history of drug hazards, public health doctors and scholars habitually don't think about individuals, they are a ruthless race who think only about "numbers".

I think they are now thinking about how to escape responsibility because there are a huge number of dead and injured now.

Public health authorities around the world need to be independent from the US CDC, FDA and NIH for their citizens.

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"Josh was able to organise a funeral within one working day."

Here in Northern Ireland, funerals usually do take place within 3 days of death (irregardless of non-working days), particularly within the Catholic community. If the death happens before midnight, that day is counted as day 1 of a 3 day wake.

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This is dreadful! It’s almost impossible to believe. Actually, watching these last 3 years, make me wish I could open my dad’s case from 1980 when he was diagnosed with Koof syndrome.

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Here are two additional stories to consider. The first could be a nudge toward Covid “vaccination.” The second occurred earlier and could have been a nudge toward lockdowns and masking.

As with Samantha Willis, there is a rather outspoken widow/widower (spouse) in the aftermath.

It is taboo to suggest that a person might be involved in killing his/her spouse in order to advance a narrative designed to enforce specific behaviors among the public. Therefore, it becomes especially attractive to malign actors to arrange for exactly this “unlikely” behavior (murdering a spouse) to occur.

1. The first regards US House of Represntative Julia Letlow (R), who won a special election after her husband, Luke Letlow, had won a runoff election in early December 2020-but then allegedly died “of Covid-19” that same month on 29 December 2020. He was only 41 years old. Recall that his death corresponded to a time when the “Covid vaccines were first rolled out.


If you do not use Twitter, you can read it here:


2. Early on, there was a case of a nurse in Florida who was reported to have died of covid on 8 April. An autoosy showed it was actually a kidney infection. Could it have been poison? Read:


“ WELLINGTON, Fla. (CBS12) — A report from the Palm Beach County Medical examiner obtained by CBS12 News shows that a young Wellington nurse believed to have passed from COVID-19, was never infected with the virus at all.

The (autopsy) report shows that 33-year-old Danielle DiCenso died from "complications of acute pyelonephritis," otherwise known as a kidney infection.

DiCenso was quarantining at home when she died suddenly in her sleep. Before she passed away, DiCenso was tested for COVID-19 after she was reportedly exposed to the virus at work.

Her husband, David DiCenso told CBS12 News that the young nurse was not given proper PPE at her job at Palmetto General in Hialeah. He said she began experiencing coronavirus symptoms in late March, and her test came back inconclusive.

DiCenso was still waiting on official results from the coroner when he spoke to CBS12 News back in April, but he said he had no doubt that she was exposed to COVID-19 at work. He was surprised when his wife, who he believed had no preexisting conditions, died suddenly.

"It looked like the oxygen was just taken out of her," he told CBS12 News in a prior interview. CBS12 News reached out to DiCenso for comment but has not heard back.“

The original story from 8 April 2020 said this:

“ Her husband, David, says that she loved her job and loved to help people, but had begun experiencing some anxiety in March about going to work.

"She was scared to go to work," DiCenso remembers.

He says Danielle came home with horror stories about treading patients with COVID-19, but most horrific of all, she said she was not given proper personal protective equipment, like a face mask to wear at work.

"She went to work one day and they didn’t have a mask for her," he said.

David says Danielle began experiencing coronavirus symptoms in late March and she suspected she had it, but her test came back inconclusive and she thought she could fight it off at home.

"She was like “no I don’t want to waste a ventilator on me, I'm healthy, I don’t need it.”'" DiCenso recalls. "She was always caring about other people before her. I was like 'alright baby you’re the professional so I’ll take your advice on that.'

David is still waiting on official results from the coroner, but he says he has no doubt that she was exposed to COVID-19 at work.

‘It’s like sending military troupes to war without any ammunition or Kevlar on. How do you expect to win something like that if you’re jeopardizing the people who are supposed to be saving the lives of people who are hurt?’”

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This reminds me so much of Youtuber Grace Victory's story. She believes she almost died from Covid but when you listen to her story, it's obvious that it was actually from the SEVERE medical interventions they inflicted on her.


There's no doubt in my mind that we will look back on this time as insanity!

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I don't really understand the insinuation about the husband's lack of emotion and so on. Is this kind of a "crisis actor" theory? Seems totally implausible that her real husband would dissimulate as part of some pro vaccine PR operation?

There were many, clearly cherry-picked, cases of anomalous deaths from COVID among the unvaccinated, which were obviously chosen as demographically targeted stories in the MSM. I recall one about a 40 y/o in England who was evidently on steroids, but was presented as "extremely fit" and having died without co-morbidities. Utter bollocks. But not, as far as I could see, some kind of Alex Jones/Sandyhook mise-en-scene.

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